Olivia Bec was raised amongst the music, art, and sunshine of the Jersey Shore. Thanks to her Spanish roots and an old Janssen upright piano, her love for music came naturally. It was on this piano that her older sister taught Olivia her first song, Mary Had a Little Lamb at the age of 6. It didn’t take long for the family piano to become Olivia’s piano, residing now in her bedroom.  

     Olivia’s music has been described as “lyrically-driven,” “anthemic,” and “refreshing.” Her inspiration stems not only from the big names like Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, and Brandi Carlile, but also her fellow local artists. Her objective is to make something different from most piano-based music, to create timeless tunes and soulful melodies.  You can meet her somewhere in the middle by streaming her songs on all musical platforms.


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