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Olivia Bec is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to piano based music. Each song written by the 24 year old Cuban-American artist challenges the last, with soft, soulful vocals and ethnic rock undertones shining through. Bec writes her truth, wise beyond her years but far from peaceful. Tragedy simmers within her lyrics, casting a veil of darkness over the artist and causing her catchy hooks to become somewhat haunting in nature. Still, no matter how harrowing, the fact remains that Olivia Bec’s music will zap her audiences awake every time. Her band, made up of Bec (piano, vocals, composition),  James Martorana (guitar, backing vocals), Steve Riccobono (bass), and Bobby Reilly (drums) officially formed in June of 2021 from the overflowing pond of talent that is the Jersey Shore. The project was originally a duo consisting of Bec and Martorana. The two knew each other from school, and worked together on Bec’s 2020 release, I AM THE SUN. They spent almost 3 years performing in venues all over Asbury Park before officially taking on the first member of their rhythm section, Riccobono. One last, desperate, and entertaining attempt at finding a drummer proved successful after Bec put an ad on Tinder and found Reilly. With the two new members holding down a husky funk mixed with the well-groomed and tidy tones of Martorana, and topped off with the warm, remedying roots of the piano keys, and wise, perceptive voice of Bec, the group has created an overall unconventional experience with a refreshing approach to rock n’ roll.


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